Midwife at Home

At DODDER PARK MEDICAL we understand how exciting it is to become a new MUM TO BE and more importantly we understand how daunting it can also be particularly if you are a first time Mum. We are fortunate here at DODDER PARK MEDICAL to be in a position to offer you support by an experienced midwife in those very early days when you bring your new baby home.

Planning for your new baby is a very important aspect of becoming a MUM TO BE and therefore we offer you a unique opportunity to have that professional support in your home. Our practice midwife with whom you will have built a relationship with throughout your pregnancy is very happy to extend her professional support from DODDER PARK MEDICAL directly to you and your new baby. Whether you need advice on infant care, parent craft or feeding issues our practice midwife is only a phone call away.

We want you to feel that we are there with you to complete the journey!

Clinic Fee: 80 euro

• Home visit consultation with midwife